Practical investigation into size and scale

The distance light travels in one year; equivalent to approximately 5. Open-ended questions enable the respondent to answer in as much detail as they like in their own words. The mean of these results is more likely to give you the true value of the rate of transpiration than anyone individual result.

Systematic errors are difficult to eliminate. Data Numerical data obtained from your procedure usually is presented as a table. Systematic and random errors Systematic errors are ones that are the same throughout your investigation, such as intrinsic errors in the measuring instruments you were using.

Note replace each piece of paper before drawing out the next. Using a species identification frequency results table.

Make Your Own Solar System

This means they can provide large amounts of research data for relatively low costs. Apparatus and Chemicals For each group of students: He wants you, his research assistants, to try growing these microbe under a number of different environmental conditions and find out how fast they reproduce.

Often a questionnaire uses both open and closed questions to collect data. Make sure none of the potassium hydroxide touches the sides of the vessels.


Then pick objects to represent each planet. Return the animals promptly to their holding tank or natural environment after the investigation. If an organism is respiring a mixture of compounds, the RQ that results will be the weighted average of the RQs of the mixture and will depend on the proportions of each substance involved.

Measuring respiratory quotient

Random errors can be caused by: By Saul McLeodupdated A questionnaire is a research instrument consisting of a series of questions for the purpose of gathering information from respondents. If you can, decide on a scale which will allow you to represent both the distances and the diameters of the planets.

Place one eye dropper at each station if using Student preparation and procedure: Open Questions Open questions allow people to express what they think in their own words. Usually this is in a special flask called an "Erlenmeyer flask"which is slowly shaken to keep the microbes and nutrient at uniform distributions.

Some bacteria produce acid as they grow. Standards This lesson plan may be used to address the academic standards listed below.Physics Investigation AS The size of the uncertainty in a measurement can be estimated by; 1. Using the smallest graduation on the measuring scale 2. Using half the range of repeated measurements This will give you the Absolute Uncertainty (e.g.

± kg).

Density of Water

A small scale investigation into the factors influencing the conceptual change in children’s scientific thinking Abstract The present study aims to compare how Piaget and Vygotsky theories promote conceptual change in children’s scientific thinking.

Jun 19,  · Size exclusion chromatography (SEC) is the most widely used tool for agglomerate characterization as it is a sensitive, high throughput, relatively inexpensive and a simple method to implement. 19 The technique is based on proteins and their agglomerated complexes that separate with differing extents of permeation into the pores of a stationary.

Justify decisions regarding sample plot size Analysis Comparison of data using mean, median and mode (as appropriate to the data) Make qualitative assessments using the ACFOR scale Plan a practical investigation using stratified sampling into the effect of one Required Practical Investigation into the effect of a named environmental.

A simple onine ecology practical exercise, giving students an opportunity to practice random sampling to measure the abundance of various different species on an area of grassland, before they carry out practical fieldwork.

Students will look at images of quadrats, identify the. Effect of pH on Growth Rate. You are to become his research assisitants and help him carry out a research investigation into the properties of microbes.

===== Use the sliding scale to set the chosen pH. The value chosen will appear in the box. For each temperature, click on .

Practical investigation into size and scale
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