Polar express writing activities first grade

You'll find links to many additional activities as you scroll down this page. Hands in the air. What objects can they find in the illustrations that are circles, squares, rectangles and triangles? Discuss how the same image might have been described in a plain and boring way.

The Polar Express Activities, Math & Word Problems For First & Second Grade

You can also ask your students to work within their readers to create a timeline of whatever story they happen to be working on together. They loved finding names that they knew and sorting the lists correctly. Once again only assign one or two problems at a time and give the students lots of time to solve them and show their work.

Introduce the Vocabulary of the Story Cut out an engine shape from construction paper and write the title, "The Vocbulary Express" on it. The author only refers to him as "the boy". Think of someone you love very much. After the students have had time to work, bring the class together to talk about the solutions and the ways they solved the problems.

There are 20 children on the train. Retelling the story helps children not only remember what happened but also to choose the important parts and sequence them. How does it feel to keep firm when other people tell you you are wrong? Begin reading the story. For a math center activity place a variety of different bells at your center.

We bundled up and headed outside to go for a ride! We talked about what it means to truly believe and since I work at a Christian school, I use this book to show what it means to truly believe in Jesus.

This is a rhyme center. Education World connects you to lessons, resources. Spend more time scaffolding their understanding. The movie students may have seen was based on the book.

Assessment Lesson Objective 1. Give the students train tickets, which you will collect as you invite them to take a seat on The Polar Express.

When we are reading, for example, we can gather information about the story by paying close attention to the setting. The train takes the children to the center of the city, where Santa and the elves have gathered for the giving of the first gift of Christmas.

The boy and his sister are enchanted by its beautiful sound, but their parents cannot hear it. Instead, he heard a train.

23 Festive Christmas Worksheets for K & 1st

Heartbroken, he is returned to his home. If cup needs 3 marshmallows, how many marshmallows are needed? Seriously, Friday was one of my favorite days of teaching in all of my ten years. Children must be taught to fully absorb a story in order to develop theories and make meaning of the text.

How do you get there? After discussing this, have children write about times when they confronted friends or were comforted by friends. It will be helpful if the children are familiar with the story before you teach this lesson.

Follow your read-aloud and book conversation with a share circle. When you are reading the book and the boy receives the bell, take out your silver bell and show the students. Then they can write the event and draw a picture. Tell them that one way authors bring stories to life is to focus on the way they describe places.

Discuss with your students how using comparisons in descriptions can make the story come to life. While my students were at specials, I put together a snack mix for them to enjoy while we watched the movie.

For example, "the hot cocoa was sweet and good" or "the train went up and down the hills.Polar Express Literacy Pack Freebie! Here's a freebie from my Polar Express literacy pack.

I hope you can use it! and reading teacher (formerly a first grade teacher) from Oregon. I love creating and finding engaging activities. Below each lesson are ideas for adapting the lessons for use with older or younger children, and some suggestions for expanding the lessons. Finally, you’ll find some additional fun language arts activities based on The Polar Express.

Polar Express Classroom Activities for kindergarten and first dfaduke.com fun lesson plans are perfect for Christmas time! Polar Express Close Reading Activities.

Just like our other Reading Comprehension/Close Reading plans, this Polar Express version is PACKED with reading comprehension activities!. We have added questions to help guide your students towards deep.

Polar Express Worksheets. The Polar Express – Snag a Polar Express brace map or a bubble map graphic organizer worksheets. You’ll also find a beginning middle end worksheet, writing train, handwriting worksheets and even an activity in Spanish for bilingual (ELL/ESL) classes!

Sequence the Polar Express – Cut and paste six events. Polar Express Unit (with two sequencing freebies) Thank you for the great freebies! I had to zoom over to TPT to get your Polar Express unit. I love the way you set up the centers. Thanks again. Reply Delete. Loving First Grade December 12, at AM.

Love your updates. It's so first grade friends and the kids will be so engaged. One of the things I miss most about teaching first grade is Polar Express week. I have so many fond memories of Polar Express fun. At the beginning of the week we would read the book and at the end we would watch the movie.

We did the whole drink hot cocoa, wear our pajamas, cold bells from the North Pole thing. Seriously a good time.

Polar express writing activities first grade
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