Mixing upper and lower case handwriting analysis

Love becomes tumultuous and unpredictable.

5 Hell Traits Revealed in Handwriting

One who is cautious until they know what is going on and what is expected, especially of them. An unconditional love relationship can only exist between two partners with good self-esteem.

One of the areas that Elvis wanted to excel in was acting. As you recall, Sensitivity to Criticism is an over-awareness of others perceptions about oneself. The bottom line in a relationship is that the person who possesses the stinger trait needs a challenge in order to remain interested. When he faces too many obstacles or if a project becomes too routine and boring, he may be tempted to give up.

Their uniqueness will be revealed in other writing features. Dating a dual personality has its advantages and its disadvantages. The shape of your lower-case "n" points to friendliness, generosity, and a generally good attitude.

Once I got my certification I made a cruise around the Hawaiian islands as a guest-lecturer. If capital letters are connected to the following letter, it represents spontaneity to relate to others, impulsiveness, lack of reflection, fraternity.

Likewise, the best way to deal with Hell Traits is to avoid people with Hell Traits. One of those is the "handedness" of the writer. How did the prospect use the spaces within the blanks, boxes, or fill-ins?

The size of the middle zone is the major factor considered in handwriting analysis. Elvis has a variety of responses to similar situations: This writer seldom faces an issue, but rather misdirects or eludes the reality with clever language, slight of hand or a downright refusal to face facts.

Handwriting analysts believe you can tell a lot about a person's public persona from their signature. This is the one trait that is perhaps the most common problem. This same attitude works with women who have stingers. He's optimistic, ambitious and cheerful.

Therefore, the other partner gets mixed messages and might be hurt. Elvis also preferred the dark and had rooms at Graceland painted black for that reason.I'm trying to guage the purpose of using fonts that have random capitals where there should be lowercase letters. The question came about simply because I was looking at a design like the one I'm describing, and started to wonder what they're trying to express with such a seemingly random design feature.

Even the y, which you would expect to either ascend above the median line, if it was upper-case, or descend below the baseline, if it was lower-case. This, I think, is to convey that the product is compact, while the individual letters may allude to the individual peanut chunks in the product, unique to the crunchy variety.

Feb 21,  · Handwriting analysis is a facinating field not always accepted by the public. Some feel it is like palmistry or some kind of voodoo but it is an art and a science.

An art because how accurate it is depends upon the graphologist and how well versed they are.

Handwriting Insights

Manuscript and mixed upper and lower case printing Manuscript style. Throughout his writing he mixes upper and lower case printing, as in the word "problem" in the sixth line. This is another of his inconsistencies and unexpected deviations. It meanns that he has a problem in his value system, or in the clear demarkation between right and wrong.

Handwriting analysis is the fast and accurate way to avoid those people who have SABOTAGING personality traits that make a relationship fail. These easy-to-spot traits can be spotted quickly in a short sample of handwriting.

Although I cannot discuss in detail here what all the three zones in handwriting stand for, the picture below makes it clear that all the three zones can be found in a handwriting only when there is a mix of both all caps and lower case letters.

Mixing upper and lower case handwriting analysis
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